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here you will find all of the fun styles that brownie-goose has to offer. you can click on the tabs below to find prices, sizes and hopefully what you are looking for. if you scroll down to view without choosing a tab, WARNING it will be a big-ole jumbled up mess.

The Bubble

For those of you not quite old enough yet for all the fun & funkiness that brownie-goose has to offer....I found the perfect thing. The Bubble. You can still be sassy and styling when you are sporting this number! Perfect for the smaller babies that just cannot yet pull off the ruffled pant or popped-collar Adeline. This bubble has an a-line styled top that connects to the body at the top and the body of the bubble wraps around under the babies bottom to snap on the sides. Clear as mud....right?

Bubble $36

Sizes : 3 mo to 24 mo

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