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here you will find all of the fun styles that brownie-goose has to offer. you can click on the tabs below to find prices, sizes and hopefully what you are looking for. if you scroll down to view without choosing a tab, WARNING it will be a big-ole jumbled up mess.

The Bubble

For those of you not quite old enough yet for all the fun & funkiness that brownie-goose has to offer....I found the perfect thing. The Bubble. You can still be sassy and styling when you are sporting this number! Perfect for the smaller babies that just cannot yet pull off the ruffled pant or popped-collar Adeline. This bubble has an a-line styled top that connects to the body at the top and the body of the bubble wraps around under the babies bottom to snap on the sides. Clear as mud....right?

Bubble $36

Sizes : 3 mo to 24 mo

The Appliqued Shirt

Another one of my best sellers. I do not use an embroidery machine for my appliques, so *usually* if I can draw it, I can applique it. So, if you have some designs in mind, let me know...I am always open to new ideas! I have a tab at the top of the site that will take you to my appliques page.

As for appliqueing names and words, 6 letters is my maximum. I just cannot get more to fit. I've tried...and it isn't pretty.

Anything over 3 letters or with added texture (ric-rac, layers, etc) is known as a premium applique. I charge more because it takes me a lot longer. If you are not sure, always just ask.

I do not (repeat do not) applique on a onesie. It is an absolute disaster without an embroidery machine, I don't enjoy it and it causes severe temper tantrums. Sorry for any inconveniences.

I use Rabbit Skins for my shirts. Word on the street, they run small. Order a size up.

Appliqued Shirt $16
Premium applique Shirt $20

I have many customers that bring me shirts to applique. This is fine by me! Prices for when you supply the shirt are:

Appliqued Shirt $10
Premium applique Shirt $15

Sizes : 12 mo, 18 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6

The Chapman

Just a spin-off the old john john. The chapman has a more squared neck-line, almost like overalls, but other than that it is the same fit. It is just about the cutest thing with some bare feet, but also looks great with a long-sleeve shirt underneath! I always add extra length to the back straps so that buttons can be moved for longer use. I usually add a pocket on the front of this one, just in case the boys need somewhere to put their stuff. :)

Chapman (short) $36
Chapman (long) $40
Add applique for $5-10
Make it reversible for extra $20

Sizes : NB to 4T

Boys John-John

Can we get any more old-school for the boys? The John-John has been around for as long as I can remember, and from the looks of isn't going anywhere! This is just about the most perfect for the boys in the summertime. Goes perfectly with bare feet! I always add some length to the straps to adjust for growth, since we just can't seem to keep them small forever!

John-John (short) $36
John-John (long) $40
Add applique for $5-10
Make it Reversible for extra $20

Sizes : NB to 4T

Boys Pants & Shorts

for my macho fellas, i leave off the full-leg pant that i shower the girlies in for more a more fitted, straight leg pant that is much manlier. both the pants and shorts have an elastic waistband and a pocket in the back proudly displaying the BG tag. The pants can be cuffed at the bottom or not, your pick.
(Britches and Bloomers Pattern by Jackie Clark)

Pants $20
Pants with Cuff $24
Shorts $16

Sizes : NB, 3-6 mo, 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T

Girl's Shorts

who wears short shorts? all of my BG tots do! this year i am offering another option for the bottom of the shorts. you can either do a ruffle or what i like to call an inverted ruffle (shown). The inverted ruffle has a band around the bottom that gathers the ruffle of the shorts themselves. have i lost anyone yet?

Ruffled Shorts $16
Inverted Ruffle Shorts $16

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T

The Amelia Pant

Debuting what might be a new favorite of mine. The Amelia pant, AKA the "Hammer Pant" by those non-fashionistas, is one of the funnest, funkiest things on BS's menu. I started with the traditional ruffled pant, but cracked out the ruffle like no one's business. With a ruffle that starts at the knees, this is a flowy, bell-bottomey fit that is just cute as pie on the little girlies. A word to the wise, for the cuteness to occur, it is best that the tot is walking. PS - this one is not for the conservatives...

Pant $30 (this one takes a lot of fabric)

Sizes : 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T

The Ruffled Pant

A brownie-goose staple. This is by far my biggest seller, my signature. Following the same pattern, the pants and capris feature a wide leg with a generous ruffle (that a certain customer refers to as the "crack ruffle") for a fit that is about as funky and trendy as they come. This pant goes beautifully with just about anything on the menu.
(Bella pattern by Pink Fig)

Pants $20
Capris $18
Add Ric-Rac for $4
Add Double Ruffle for $6

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T


Just a good-old-fashioned diaper/panty cover...well, with a twist. These pantaloons are roomy enough to cover a diaper in style and also to give plenty of movement for the tot on the go. You can even get a side-tie ribbon on the leg openings to fancy it up just a bit more. If you choose the side-tie ribbons, the opening is still elastic so you can remove the ribbon if need be.

Bloomer $16
Bloomer with side-tie Ribbon $18

Sizes : NB (0-12 lbs), S (13-17 lbs), M (18-21 lbs), L (22-25 lbs), XL (26-29 lbs)

The Charlotte Dress & Top

Debuting the charlotte. Feminine as they come, a flowy a-line pattern with a flirty neckline that ties on the side, with a pattern only to be matched at the bottom as well. This top screams to be paired with the Amelia pants. Just saying.
(Pattern by Mani-Mina)

Top $28
Dress $34

Sizes : 12-18 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T

The Caroline Top & Dress

Debuting the caroline, just as sweet as the name itself. This fun take on puffy sleeves tells the 1980’s its business real fast. A fun, flirty a-line dress or top capped off with ruffled sleeves. Can you get any more summery? Buy it as a dress or as a top and pair it up with some fun bottoms.

Top $ 28
Dress $34

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-24 mo, 2-3, 4T

The Adeline Dress & Top

Debuting the Adeline. This style is my new fave. It is sophisticated yet still so funky. It features a flirty, ruffled collar that sticks up in style. She will soon have everyone popping their collar. :) The top looks great with ruffled pants & darling with the new Amelia pant. The dress is just screaming for a fun pair of ballet flats.
(Pattern from Whole Grain Baby)

Top $28
Dress $34

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-24 mo, 2-3, 4T

The Twirly Skirt

the twirly skirt is just about as feminine and fun as you can get for your little girl. she will want to twirl all day. Set with an elastic waistband and a full skirt this goes nicely with sandals, boots and leggings. Pair it with an appliqued tee and ba-da-bing.
(Pattern by Pink Fig, The Girly Skirt)
Photo courtesy of Pink Fig

Skirt $ 18

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T

The Pillowcase Dress & Top

Oh the pillowcase, basic but so fun and versatile. It can go alone, or bg’s fave is paired with ruffle pants or over leggings, you name it! This is a style that you can get a few seasons out of as well, by itself in the summer, throw a turtleneck under in the winter! A generous fit also allows you a few seasons. The top is just a cropped version of the dress, which allows you to pair with bloomers, shorts or capris.

Top $26
Dress $30

Sizes : NB to 4T

The Peasant Dress

Can we say boho? Gotta love it. This is such a fun style that can be worn in the summer with some sandals, and come Fall pair it with some boots and leggings and you've got yourself a little model. Fun, flowy and of course funky too. It is BG by the way.
(Pattern Olivia Top by Pink Fig)

Dress $34

Sizes : 6-12 mo, 12-24 mo, 2-3, 4T

The Smock Top

BG's best-seller last summer...The smock top has held its test of time - I wore them when I was little and they are still just the cutest things! The sides criss-cross in the back, making it the perfect outfit for the hot Southern summers. Bring on the breeze! Personally, I think the smocks run a bit big, and they are a generous enough fit that you can sometimes get 2 seasons wear out of them. Paired with a set of bloomers, and she's got it.

Top $26

Sizes : NB (0-12 lbs), S (13-17 lbs), M (18-21 lbs), L (22-25 lbs), XL (26-29 lbs)

The Tie-Back Top

Perfect, perfect, perfect for the Summertime. This top fits like a a-line top in the front, but have your little girl turn around to reveal the beauty of this design. The top ties in a pretty bow in the back not only proving to be stylish and oh-so-fun but also breezy for those hot summer days. Pair it with some bloomers or shorts and you are good to go!

Top $26

Sizes : 3 mo to 4T

The Evelyn Dress

It is all about sophistication. At least for our little girls that think they are so grown. This dress is soft and feminine, strapless with a bit of whimsy shown by a large bow on the front. I have also had customers tell me that they use this as a skirt as the girl gets older. Can’t beat that!

Dress $ 34

Sizes : NB to 4T (please provide me with a chest measurement to ensure proper fit)

The Claire Top

the Claire top is just screaming style. Perfect for the southern summers, it is a light and airy cotton halter top that is “smocked” at the top with a decorative, colorful button in the center. It goes great with bloomers & the signature ruffle pant.

Top $ 26

Sizes : NB to 4T (Please provide a chest measurement to ensure proper fit)

The A-line Dress & Top

The a-line top and dress are just about the most classic for little girls - they are like the little black dress for girlies. It makes a perfect sundress, and in the winter it is easy to slide a long-sleeved shirt under for extra warmth. The top is just screaming to be paired with some ruffle pants or bloomers for the smaller girlies.

Dress $ 30
Dress with Ric-Rac $ 34
Top $ 26
Top with Ric-Rac $30
Add applique for $5-10

Sizes : NB, 0-3 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-12 mo, 18 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T